Test Worx Testosterone Booster Review

Test Worx has been designed for “older” men as a testosterone booster.

Test WorxIt contains ingredients that have been blended which include “EuryPeptides”, which are biologically extremely potent and have been clinically proven to change bound-testosterone into usable free testosterone.

Test Worx by eliminating and fighting against the SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), thereby improving serum levels of free testosterone within the body.

Because it gives you a little more energy, when you are working out in the gym, it will be much more enjoyable and your performance will be enhanced.

The manufacturer claims, those who use Test Worx will have moods that are much improved and will also exhibit extreme confidence.

Effectiveness of the Ingredients

Ingredients found in Test Worx:

  • longjackEurycoma Longfolia, commonly called Longjack. For an exceptionally long time, Longjack has been recognized to be an effective ingredient which helps in the promotion of fertility; it is considered to have several aphrodisiac benefits as well. The evidence suggests that it may well be used as a useful anti-estrogen agent. You may have heard that it can actually enhance testosterone; unfortunately, there is no supporting evidence to this condition. It has been demonstrated through several studies that Longjack is not have any influence on levels of testosterone.
  • Tribulus Terrestris is also found in Test Worx. This Tribulus plant is among the plant family of Ayurveda. As a method to enhance male vitality, it has been used for generations. Its ability to increase overall sexual well-being and the libido has been well recognized. There is no evidence of any effect on levels of testosterone, from Tribulus. There are several animal studies (performed on rodents), that currently suggest that Tribulus may be helpful in the protection of some organs such as the liver and kidney. It is said that anti-stress effects can be provided by lower dosages.
  • Nettle Root is another ingredient in Test Worx. This particular ingredient has long been used to reduce sniffles; it seems to have only a miniscule effect on testosterone levels, although there are many exaggerated claims to be found. There was one study, of 558 participants, where 120 mg of Nettle Root was administered three times each day. The results showed only minor increases of testosterone levels within the serum.
  • Maca, this is a vegetable that looks similar to a turnip. You will find this vegetable grown mainly in Peru. It has been used for its aphrodisiac abilities for a considerable amount of time. The belief is that sexual desire in both men and women is enhanced through the use of Maca. But more importantly it should be noted, there is absolutely no evidence which would suggest that Maca has any effect on the levels of testosterone. Very few studies have been done, but those that have, suggest that there simply is no effect on testosterone levels.

Side Effects

There are no major side effects to this product that have been found.

What About the Price?

A month’s supply of Test Worx will set you back $59.95.

When we take into account the fact that there are very few ingredients within this product that can increase testosterone, we feel that Test Worx is not properly priced. This product has been designed for its aphrodisiac effects, not to enhance testosterone.

You need to keep in mind, that even though the libido can be increased when testosterone is increased, the opposite is not true, and enhanced libido will not increase testosterone.