Elite athletes will often have something in common besides being deeply driven to succeed. They have a healthy hormone profile that will allow them to be able to excel and even recover better than your average athlete. For most this happens naturally simply because of their biology, dietary programs, and athleticism, while others will use supplements like SAN-Estrodex. It doesn’t matter what the method is, testosterone happens to be the key hormone that will give you plenty of big advantages.

Your body will go through a surge of estrogen after you have cycled with testosterone. It doesn’t even matter if you are using the most cutting edge product that is on the market right now. If you don’t normalize the estrogen levels that are in your system with the right post cycle therapy, then you will be vulnerable to certain side effects that will happen sooner than later.

How it works

Estrodex was created to be used as an aromatase inhibitor which will help keep your testosterone from becoming estrogen. It is even made to turn the active estrogen into metabolites that are inactive that keep estrogen from growing over time and creating side effects like bitch tits and erratic blood pressure levels, as well as causing you to lose most of the gains that you have worked for.

The ingredients that are in Estrodex are mixed together to gain the best hormone supporting synergy. Stinging nettle root will help to reduce the testosterone binding to SHBG, or sex hormone binding globulin and that helps to keep more testosterone in your blood. Calcium D-glucarate, Reservatrol, and Indole-3-Carbinol help out with the anti-estrogen metabolic effects.

Not only is calcium d-glucarate a great way to stop estrogen, it has shown great potential as an anti-cancer nutrient, due to the fact that it is able to detoxify and excrete carcinogenic compounds. The truth is that these chemicals has been rested in cell cultures and rodents, but the research for humans is very limited.


  • Ingredients are healthy and not known to be toxic
  • There is some research that supports the ingredients
  • Has a short list of ingredients


  • The research data isn’t enough to prove that it will work
  • Not strong enough to be a PCT standalone agent.

When it comes down to it, SAN Estrodex is a great PCT if it is used with another type of PCT agent. The ingredients are easy to read, its easy to use, and it isn’t toxic.  A natural estrogen blocker is Aromavex.