S-500 Testosterone Booster Review

It is okay if you know that when you begin to get older, your body will slow down on the production of Testosterone also known as T. This can be a real problem in more ways than one. You will notice that it gets harder to build any type of muscle mass, you aren’t as energetic as you was, you have more fatigue, your sex drive gets lower, and you will find that it is so much easier to gain fat. So, it is safe to say if you are like me, then you want to get your levels back to where they were. This great supplement will help you to get back into shape and help you to feel better overall.

This natural T booster is a natural way for you to boost your T levels, as well as helping you to lose weight. When a supplement is able to help you drop weight as well as boost your T levels, then you have found the right way to go. This booster is split into 3 different blends with 3 different purposes. The first one being the Testosterone Booster Matrix. It is a mixture of Fenugreek, Tongkat Ali, Terrestris, and Boron which are known to be some great T boosters. Next is the Fat burner matrix. This is made of Coleys Forskohlii Leaf, Green Tea Leaf, Ginger, Capsicum, and Rhodiola Root which helps to stimulate fat burning. Last is the Nitric Oxide Matrix which contains L-Arginine, which in turn improves blood flow. That has plenty of benefits on its own, especially when it comes to sexual and athletic performance.

The instructions are easy to follow as it states to take 2 capsules a day. Seems pretty easy to understand. I haven’t had an issue with taking them so far, but there is a warning stating that it’s unsafe for women to take. Now it’s time to really begin talking about the pro’s and con’s.


  • Affordable
  • All natural ingredients
  • Money back guarantee
  • Approaches weight loss in smart way
  • Plenty of positive reviews


  • Not safe for women
  • Pills are a bit big.

If you plan to be removing some weight and you believe that low testosterone is what may be causing it, then this product will be great for you. This supplement is a kill 2 birds with one really big stone type of product, and it is worth every penny.