Natural estrogen blockers

When men begin to age they may notice that the testosterone levels decrease naturally. Although, testosterone that decreases too quickly or too much will cause something caused hypogonadism. This is caused by the body’s inability to produce testosterone which have symptoms like fatigue, erectile dysfunction, drop in sperm production, and loss of libido.

Estrogen is thought of to be the female hormone, which ensures that the male body will function properly. There are three different types of estrogen: estradiol, estriol and estrone. Estradiol tends to be the main estrogen that is in men. It will play a vital role in keeping a man’s brain and joints healthy. It also allows for sperm to develop properly. Having a hormone imbalance can cause an increase of estrogen and too much estrogen in the male body can cause gynecomastia, prostrate issues, weight gain, increased risk of strokes, and cardiovascular issues.

There are plenty of ways for you to be able to restore the balance in your estrogen levels. You can take plenty of different steps in order to balance out your estrogen levels. If your issue is low testosterone, then you may need testosterone replacement therapy like an estrogen blocker.

You can always lose weight and body fat. This has been linked to having too much estrogen. You should also add cruciferous vegetables such as kale, brussels sprouts, and broccoli which are known to regulate estrogen. They also have zinc which increases testosterone.

Besides changing your lifestyle, these are natural products that will help to block estrogen in your body:

Chrysin happens to be a flavonoid that is found in honey, passion flower, and bee products. People state that it blocks estrogen and increases testosterone. Although, there are people that claim that there is no evidence that states that it will alter hormone levels.

Wild Nettle Root is used to produce prostate medications. Nettles contain things that act as estrogen blockers and regular nettle supplements can help to regulate estrogen production.

Grape Seed is an extract that has been shown to act as an aromatase inhibitor in women who have breast cancer. Most men have found similar benefits when they take it as a nutritional supplement.

Maca is a cruciferous plant that comes from Peru. Many say that it has plenty of benefits such as blocking estrogen and enhancing fertility.

When it comes to finding natural estrogen blockers, you have to do your research to keep yourself in healthy shape.  Sometimes we can’t get enough of what we need from food so need to turn to science.  Check out my review of Aromavex which happens to be a new all natural hormone support vitamin.