Best estrogen blocker

As men age, their testosterone levels will begin to decrease naturally. Although, testosterone that begins to decrease too fast or too much will or may cause hypogonadism. This particular condition has been characterized by being unable to produce testosterone.

Developing man boobs can be prevented by taking certain types of estrogen blockers for men. Estrogen being a female hormone, it does play a huge part in the regulation of a woman’s estrous cycle. Even though this particular hormone is in both male and female, women will have it in high quantities when compared to men, especially when a woman is ovulating.


Before you really begin to delve into reducing your estrogen levels, you have to talk about why it may have increased in the first place. You will be in a better position to really get effective control on your symptoms that originated from increased estrogen levels, once you have really pinpointed and have a clear understanding about high estrogen levels.

These symptoms normally start in the forms of reduced sex drive, hair loss, man boob formation, a decrease in muscle mass and even prostate enlargement.


Some common causes of Low Testosterone:


High estrogen levels in overweight people are normally caused by the production of the enzyme aromatase, which is created by the fatty cells inside of your abdomen. This enzyme is the main cause for the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which causes a hormone imbalance.

As you age, the testosterone levels of your body will begin to deplete, which causes the rise of your estrogen levels. Those men who are obese will experience this at a quicker rate, which is very unhealthy.

There are certain testicles as well as adrenal and pituitary gland related illnesses that may contribute to a very large increase of estrogen in your body. Using narcotics normally as well as anabolic steroids can also play a vital role in the enhancement of estrogen.

Another factor is alcohol abuse which can lead to the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in your body. Also, alcohol abuse will reduce the natural ability for the liver to remove the excess estrogen from your body as well.

Side Effects of Estrogen:


So now that you know that estrogen is found in men what type of side effects will you have with high estrogen levels?

  • An increase in abdominal fat
  • An increase in breast size
  • Loss in muscle mass
  • Tiredness
  • Emotional imbalances


Estrogen makes up three different types of hormones:


Estrone: It is produced with help from your adrenal gland. This hormone gets stored in fatty tissues and it is present in low quantities in both women and men.

Estradiol: This is a very common variant of estrogen. It gets secreted by the adrenal glands and testicles in men and it is produced by the ovaries in women.

Estriol: This type of estrogen variant gets produced in high quantities during pregnancy in women’s body.


Estrogen Blockers- What are they?


If you have went to a doctor for your man boob issue, they will most likely prescribe you with an estrogen blocker for men. These blockers will work by regulating out your estrogen levels inside of your body and taking care of the symptoms that come with the increase of estrogen. Aromatase inhibitors and estrogen blockers are the same thing, so once you stop the hormone the inhibitor activity will also begin to decrease.

Once you begin to look closer, you will notice that estrogen blockers are nothing that is complicated to understand. They are just chemical compounds that have the natural ability to control your estrogen levels in your body.

Not only that, they are also used to treat other health conditions as well. One of the most common uses for estrogen blockers is for the medical treatment of cancer.

Having an unwanted spike in estrogen levels in your body can cause liver issues which will lead to the multiplication of cancer cells that are within the testicle and chest areas. Once that happens, then tumors can form which will complicate the situation. That is why estrogen blockers are highly popular in cancer treatment for men.

Among body builders, there are people that will promote the use of estrogen blockers due to the estrogenic effects of high levels of testosterone within your body. Testosterone happens to be the yin to the yang of estrogen, and aromatase inhibitors will and can be used to stop the body from forming excess estrogen, which will keep the estrogen levels within your body quite low. And to be completely honest, it has caused controversy, especially when it is used for cosmetic reasons only, and when people use them without any type of medical supervision.

There are plenty of side effects that are associated with estrogen blockers. They can often cause dizziness, sweating, headaches, confusion, and hot flashes. When you have the supervision of an endocrinologist, you will be able to get the right dosage based on your situation and thus reducing the side effects that you will encounter. Your endocrinologist will often take regular blood samples to check on your blood levels while they assess your overall health to confirm that the current regimen is still functional and safe for you.

Different types of estrogen blockers

There are plenty of estrogen blockers. Aromatase inhibitors which include formestane, testolactone, and vorozole will block the production of estrogen. There are selective estrogen receptor modulators like arzooxifene, tamoxifen and clomifene that are created to block the estrogen receptors, which behave differently in various types of tissue. Antiestrogens also act as a way to block estrogen receptors.  Are you looking for natural estrogen blockers?

Sometimes people aren’t looking for the best testosterone booster, they’re looking for the best estrogen blocker.  Estrogen Blockers are a new supplement, but they are really useful, especially for those who have low testosterone levels. An estrogen blocker will lower or stop the production of estrogen in your body and help your testosterone levels to grow. If you are really wanting to go and begin an estrogen blocking supplement, the ones that are listed here are the best to begin with. You will get great results and very little side effects.

So what are the best estrogen blockers?



This estrogen blocker really stands above all the other types of competition, as it seems to give users a really great result when it is used. It has key ingredients that will lower the production of estrogen in your body while it boosts the levels of testosterone that you have. You will find that you have more energy, and that you will be able to burn more fat and build more muscles while reducing your aging signs. It is made with a 100% all natural and safe formula that will let you get the results that you want without all the weird side effects, since it is basically a formula of vitamins and minerals. Full review here.


When it comes to anabolic supplements, this is ground breaking. It will give you the right environment for your body to build and maintain your strength and muscle. It limits your estrogen production and increases the levels of testosterone and blocks the testosterone to estrogen conversion, which for you means that you are going to get great results. You will gain more testosterone without all the side effects that are associated with estrogen. You don’t have to worry about water retention, and added fat. You will have better results and even notice that you are putting on more muscle than before. You will have higher energy levels and just feel better in general.  Check out my SAN-Estrodex review.

Deprogen ARS

This isn’t your normal supplement, as it is really meant for those who are body builders or athletes. I’ve reviewed it here.  This is an anti-estrogen supplement that will block estrogen and the conversion while it increases the levels of testosterone. You don’t really have to worry too much about the water retention and you will notice that after using this product, you have more energy, your recovery time is lowered and you feel better than you ever have.

Estrogen blocker verdict

When it comes to estrogen blockers, there are a lot of them out there. These are made to really help those who have low testosterone and who want to get the body that they want, with a lowered recovery time.

There are always going to be some sort of side effect, but it is best before starting any type of estrogen blocker that you speak with your endocrinologist or doctor to make sure that there is not an underlying cause to a build up of estrogen. There are plenty of ways to make sure that your low testosterone will get boosted and these estrogen blockers will really help you in that.