Aromavex review


The first thing that a bodybuilder will know that when it comes to t-boosters, cycling is very important. This helps to ensure more testosterone release and bigger gains. Although what is just as important is PCT, which ensures that it will increase testosterone and allow it to continue to testosterone instead of estrogen. Just as the name suggests, Aromavex happens to be an estrogen blocker and PCT supplement that will broke the aromatase enzyme, which happens to be the thing that turns testosterone into estrogen.

Most of the active ingredients that are used in Aromavex have shown to be a great estrogen blocker. This include things such as grape seed extract, calcium-D-glucarate, Revida, and Pteropure, which have been proven to decrease estrogen reabsorption and biosynthesis.

The right ingredients as well as vitamin D as well as other types of herbal extracts, Aromavex tends to be a great estrogen blocker that could be used to reduce the amount of testosterone that is lost after a cycle of testosterone boosting supplements.

Unlike the other hormone supplements, BSN has not made a testosterone booster that comes with an anti-estrogen component that has been thrown in as an after thought. Aromavex is concentrated and is a stand alone anti-estrogen supplement that has a sole purpose of PCT use. What this basically means is that it is more effective than all of the other competitors.

What is even better is the fact that you will see massive boosts of workout energy, which helps you to gain more lean muscle growth. The extra energy will help you to gain good form when you are doing any weight training exercises and it basically eliminates the age-old issue where weight trainers and bodybuilders use more weight than they are able to and which results in neglect using any slow controlled motions.

The recovery period between workouts are also reduced, which allows you to work out more frequently, which means that you can train the same muscle group at least twice to three times a week. Since you would be increasing your testosterone, the fat burn should also be enhanced.


Aromavex happens to be a new all natural hormone support vitamin that is mean to help with any t booster products. This particular product was designed to help ensure hormone support during as well as after completing a testosterone booster regimen.

What it does

Aromavex will help to control the estrogen and testosterone levels that are in your body. Testosterone happens to be the key hormone for males that is important to developing reproductive tissues such as prostate and testes. It is even responsible for all of the male characteristics such as body hair, increased muscle and strength. The male body even produces estrogen. When the levels of testosterone get too high, the body will increase estrogen. Aromavex will stop the process estrogen creation, which in turn will help to develop muscles.


This product is made from Bee Propolis that will boost your immune system and even promotes hormonal support as well as grape seed extract that strengthens your circulatory system, improves muscle strength, growth, and recovery as well as increases blood flow. Calcium D Glucarate is a detoxifier that reduces the amount of estrogen being produced but also keeps it from being absorbed. Aromavex interfusion which is made up of various extracts. Prunella Vulgaris extract which is used to reduce inflammation and heal wound while the Mongosteen extract is used as a powerful anti-inflammatory that enhances the immune system by stimulating the white blood cells. The Bioperine is a thermogenic which increases the body temperature to help burn extra calories and the last major ingredient is Vitamin D.

One of the bottles will contain a 3 week supply. You are supposed to take one capsule 4 times daily, being spaced 4 hours apart, which is recommended to work the best. After you finish the bottle, you are supposed to stop taking it for 2 weeks.

Anyone who is over 50 or under 18 is not supposed to take this product. Aromavex is not recommended for anyone who is taking medications or anyone who happens to have pre-existing medical conditions.



There are no harmful side effects that are known except there are some rumors of hair loss, muscle weakness, and acne. These are not proven yet but there is an allergy warning due to the bee propolis which may cause serious reactions for some people.

If you happen to be looking for post cycle therapy or a way to boost your testosterone, you will certainly benefit from using Aromavex, which has all natural and proven ingredients. It can be used alone, but when you use it with other types of testosterone boosters like Hyperfx or Evotest, you will be able to increase your body’s ability to give you 100% amazing results. Aromavex will help to ensure that your body does not have those harsh rebound effects from estrogen release and will also help to maintain your healthy levels of testosterone which will help you to retain everything that you have gained from working out and packing on all those amazing muscles.

There are only a few side effects such as acne, trouble sleeping and excessive hair loss.

You will certainly see results in about a month and that is best, but if you want to see major results you will need a three month supply.

When it comes to having a great PCT, Amoravex is perfect for anyone.  It compares really well against the best estrogen blockers.