Are testosterone boosters safe

Natural and conventional testosterone boosters have been in the market for a while and many men swear by their results. Testosterone boosters are used to enhance male characteristics such as strength, libido, endurance, energy and many others by ordinary men as well as professional body builders and athletes with constant needs of energy supply.  Before you start using a testosterone booster, you should know what the cause of your low testosterone levels are.

testosterone boosterHowever, even though they have many positive effects on the body, testosterone boosters are linked with some minor side effects which are not that serious but are still unpleasant for some men. One of the top complaints that some men claim to experience, is that testosterone boosters cause the testicles to become swollen and painful. To get relief from this issue, sleep or sex is recommended.

The second most common issue, is stronger B.O. This happens because raised testosterone levels, stimulate the sweat glands to produce more sweat through the skin and obviously if you don’t shower enough the smell will be offensive.

Acne and increased sebum production is also linked with raised testosterone levels due DHT, a testosterone compound that stimulates the action of sebum glands, which means more oily skin and chance of developing acne in the long run. This side effect also comes with an increase in body hair

testosterone boosterSome sources encourage men to stay away from testosterone boosters because besides the above, they can cause more serious side-effects like for example nervous system problems, dementia, cancer and other serious diseases. But, there is not enough evidence and official studies that back-up these claims. The only testosterone form considered to be dangerous and even banned in some countries from official authorities is an artificial form of testosterone used mainly by professional athletes and heavy weight lifters, called anabolic steroids (taken in the form of injections). Anabolic Steroids have been linked with many minor and major side effects, and should be avoided.


Generally speaking, natural forms of testosterone are considered to be safe because they help raise testosterone levels naturally and gradually with less side effects. Natural testosterone levels include herbs, vitamins and other nutrients that are known for encouraging testosterone production in males. There are special preparations in the market which include one or a combination of these to maximize the results. When taken as directed, (the right dose at the right time), there shouldn’t be any problems or concerns for safety. If you are still unsure though, it’s best to consult with your physician to make sure that everything is kept under control.